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Weekend in Vegas

Mom and I recently spent a few days in Las Vegas, which was totally crazy. Three days is definitely not enough time, but you could spend three months there and still not see and do everything. There is so much on every single night, with happy hours (food and drink), buffets, shows, comedy shows, live music, concerts, free events, sports events, the list goes on. There are also so many hotels that are attractions in themselves, such as the Bellagio, MGM, New York New York, Paris and the Venetian. It is also the city that never sleeps, and I found it so odd that you can walk around the street drinking alcohol. In glass, aluminum or plastic, you can go between casinos drinking what you want. And if you order a drink while at a slot machine or a table within a casino, all you pay is the tip to the waitress – the beer or wine is free! And there are slot machines EVERYWHERE. In gas stations. Lobbies. The airport! The car rental area at the airport! So the minute you step off the plane, bam, time to gamble.

Our first night, we went to downtown Las Vegas, to Fremont Street. It is totally separate from The Strip, which is what you usually think of when you think “Las Vegas”. It is an older part of town with older and less flashy casinos, but the main street has events going on all night long, including music and a kind of light show above the main street, dedicated to Queen.

Downtown Las Vegas

Fremont Street – Queen “We Will Rock You”

We also checked out the Strip, all the beautiful hotels and impressive lights. It really just takes your breath away.

Mandalay Bay – with the reflection of the sunset on it

Las Vegas

Paris Hotel

Bright lit up signs around Vegas

And despite prostitution being illegal in Las Vegas, there is a proliferation of signs and ads around Vegas for girls direct to your room, hot babes, and all that. We got stuck behind this trailer whilst trying to get back to our hotel one night…

Hot Babes advertisement

One of the fab things about the Vegas hotels is that you can actually feel like you are in Italy, New York and Rome, all in one night. The Venetian was a beautiful hotel. The Canal Shoppes were beautiful. The ceiling is painted like the sky, they have a canal with functioning little boats (called gondolas) you can have a ride on. So much detail. And although MGM got rid of their lions earlier this year, there are still real flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel.

Hotel of Bugsy Siegel

Flamingos at the Flamingo Hotel

Canal Shoppes at the Venetian

And of course, we didn’t just look at casinos and gamble our entire time. We went to the Mob Museum, which is a non-profit museum housed within the former courthouse and post office. It is all about gangs and mobsters, with a focus on their involvement in Las Vegas and the casinos, as well as a broader look at gangs throughout the United States. It was a fantastic museum. Really informative. We also went to the chocolate fountain at the Jean-Philippe Patisserie at the Bellagio Hotel. It is 27 feet (8 meters) high with 2,100 pounds (950 kg) of melted flowing chocolate. It took 2 years to engineer and design, and is the world’s tallest and largest volume chocolate factory. It also has milk, white and dark chocolate flowing through it 24/7.

Chocolate fountain at the Bellagio

So much chocolate!

We also saw two shows – The Blue Man Show and Ka by Cirque du Soleil. Both were mindblowing. There was no actual stage in Ka, they had two moving “stages” that could go completely upright or flat, and any angle in between. The stage and theatrics and aerobatics they did, completely amazing. It totally exceeded our expectations. And of course, we waited in line to have our photo with the Vegas sign. On our last day. We really should have had a photo with the other side of the sign, thanking us for visiting and wishing us a safe journey!

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!!