All about me!

My name is Jen and I am a law and international relations student, one semester away from completing my law degree with honours.  Instead of completing my double degree in the usual 5 year timeframe, I decided to add on an extra half year to my studies so that I could go on exchange. Most people who go on exchange choose somewhere foreign and exotic, somewhere in Europe or South America. However because my family left America when I was five, and having been in New Zealand for 12 years now, I often feel I am losing my ‘Americanness’ and so this prompted me to choose America as my exchange destination. So come August I am going to be studying and finishing my law degree in the beautiful city of San Diego.

This blog is basically a way for me to document my travels along the way to San Diego, in my three months off doing a bit of an OE. I went straight from high school to university, and February 2013 will be straight into full time work for a law firm, so this year is my chance to travel, explore the world and do lots of things while I am still young and still have the time! It is also a good way for my family and friends to see what I am up to and anyone else who wants to peek into my life and know what I am up to, if facebook is not enough of a stalking tool! Also I will hopefully provide reviews of places we stayed, ate at, and sights we saw so that other fellow travellers can get some insight and assistance for when they are travelling to the same part of the world. I know that I have read a lot of blogs in the last few weeks trying to get ideas for tour companies, itineraries and general reviews of places to go and things to see, because when you have never been to a country before, it can be a bit confusing trying to decide what you want to do merely from a guidebook. That is why the Internet is so fantastic because you can read other people’s experiences and learn from them. And who knows, the blog may survive past this trip, but time will tell.

So please, enjoy my blog, comment on it, ask questions, and enjoy. Above all I hope that it will provide some reprieve from the craziness that is everyday life, and that I can make you feel like you were there with me.


2 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. May Medallada

    I think this is awesome! I have always wished I took more opportunities to travel. I love learning about new cultures and exploring new cities. It’s great that you are doing this before you start working full-time for a law firm. I wish I did that before I started working.

    1. Jen Post author

      Thanks! I almost didn’t come but I am so glad I had the courage to do it in the end. I had the best time traveling and am having an even better time in San Diego. It is such a wonderful city, and so warm too!


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