Beautiful Mayfield

So yesterday, I had my last law class. Ever.

It feels scary saying that, because I could always fail one of my finals, and therefore have to retake a class. But fingers crossed I don’t. I also plan on doing my masters in law in the future at an US law school. But for now, while that is still in the future and uncertain, yesterday was my last university class, last law class, last class after studying my ass off for 5 1/2 years (almost) straight.

In New Zealand, exams/finals are spread over 3 weeks, and include 6 days off to study between classes finishing and the first exam occurring. So often you get at least a week before your first exam, and they are spaced out. Not much to stress about. Here though, there are two full days before the first exam happens. And they only go for one week. I am lucky enough to only have two finals, because I am writing two research papers. One, I handed in yesterday, the other, I am working on today. But for the most part, I am not as stressed as my close friends, who have 5 finals. I can’t imagine sitting 5 finals over 7 days. The worst I was my first semester of university, I had three exams on the first two days of exams. Friday morning, Friday afternoon, Saturday morning. It was wonderful as it gave me an entire month vacation afterward, but stressful at 18 years old, first time sitting any university finals, having them so close and so early.

But to help relieve stress, I have been editing my photos from my recent trip to Ohio.


I was there for 5 days over Thanksgiving and had the most wonderful time staying with my friend Lauren, being ‘adopted’ by her family for the holiday, and being treated to a real, family filled day of Thanksgiving celebrations. We even watched the parade.


It was a huge change from California in terms of climate, landscape, and culture. It got down to below freezing, and even snowed when I was there.

Snow in Ohio. Columbus.

There were red and orange leaves, beautiful lakes, and small town suburbia.


It was wonderful. A “once in a lifetime experience”. My first time in the Midwest.

Hawk in Tree at Lauren's House, Mayfield, ohio

So when I get stressed, sitting in the library 10 hours a day like I did yesterday, I can look at these photos and transport myself back to peace, serenity and nature.

How can anyone not love Fall?

Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio

The beautiful autumn colors.

Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio

Fallen leaves.

Metroparks, Cleveland, Ohio

Untouched nature.

Duck. Duck Pond, Cleveland.

I love San Diego. But on days like this, I just want to go back and be there. In the crisp autumn air. Fresh air. You can smell how fresh it is. Crisp. Clean.


Like New Zealand.


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