Color Run Crazyness

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while. My lack of posts is due to two very different reasons: One being that I have been so busy with school work that I have spent an average of 8 hours a day at law school in the past week, working on my two research papers and catching up on readings for my other classes. The second is that I have been so busy not doing school work, and so much has happened in the last two weeks that I don’t even know where to begin.

I celebrated Halloween on three different nights with three different costumes, went to a Charger’s game at Qualcomm Stadium last Thursday night, and tailgated in the parking lot beforehand, went to the Timeflies gig out at SDSU on Friday, participated in a 5km run and hit town Saturday night to show three girls from Ohio what San Diego clubs are like, spent Sunday at brunch with a bloody mary bar, followed by Coronado beach and then Mexican food and margaritas that night. So as you can see, I haven’t really slept in the past two weeks as I have tried to fit in all that socializing alongside school work, and this week I have had no time to blog due to my guilt about not doing enough study last week. Plus, looking at that list of activities, where do I even begin?

Probably the best part of last week was the 5km run I participated in. It wasn’t your ordinary run – it was a Color Run. Basically, you wear all white, and run, walk, skip or cart-wheel 5km around Qualcomm Stadium (the Charger’s football stadium). At every kilometer, you get fluoro colored powder thrown at you, so the idea is that at the end, you look like you were dipped in a Willy Wonka barrel of candy colored goodness. They have MGMT and other great music playing along the racecourse, and in reality you can’t fully run the entire 5km in a paced fashion, because once you hit the color zones, you try to get as much color as possible, and even do color angels on the ground. You have a bit of a boogie, then race on.

It was insane. We tried taking photos along the way, but of course there is color everywhere, so it is slightly impossible. So I will let the video below do all the talking:

Even though it was only 5km, and it was a fun run rather than a serious run, for me it was a big day. It was the first official race of any form that I was participating in since my knee injury in April. I barely trained, because I had only finished my physical therapy the week before, and my training had only consisted of a few 5-15 minute medium paced runs, to make sure my knee could actually handle the impact of running. I still had to take it easy, but I was determined to run as much as possible, as hard as I thought my knee could take. And honestly it was the best event to participate in as my first run back. It was also great having the support of two friends, Lauren and Cindy, to run with, and to enjoy the beautiful day that San Diego had to offer.

The course itself was crazy – trying to dodge people walking, and those walking with strollers with babies inside!! One poor child was wailing while we waited to take off. Poor child being subjected to the heat, the claustrophobia of a race start line, and having color thrown at you!! I  have  no idea how long it took us, as we weren’t taking the race all thaaaaaat seriously. But once we were done, had crossed the finish line, taken some post-race photos and devoured several cups of water, we partied.

This was probably one of my favorite experiences in the States so far. If I couldn’t run a marathon whilst here (due to my knee), at least I got to participate in this fun run. And in January, there is an electric run coming to San Diego, where you start at midnight and the course is all lit up and ‘electric’….so maybe that can be my farewell to San Diego, before returning to New Zealand and their boring and conventional running events.


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