Smaller wildlife – Zazus and Rafikis

Following on from my earlier post, Simba, Pumbaa and all their friends, here are my favorite photos of the smaller animals I encountered on safari.

Tarangire National park, Tanzania

This monkey was so cheeky. We encountered these Vervet Monkeys on day 1, at Tarangire National Park. Upon stopping for lunch at the top of a cliff with beautiful views of the Savannahs below, we had to guard our food from these clever little monkeys who tried to sneak up on us in any way possible.

The Superb Starling (above) was gorgeous in the sunlight. But I found that I actually captured more color and the full intensity of its feathers whilst in the shade.

The Red and Yellow Barbet we encountered in Serengeti National Park. It was the weirdest little bird but friendly too.

Looks spray painted right?? Wrong. Naturally pink and purple. What!?

Lake Manyara National Park




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