Injured, but positive

An injury is the last thing you want before a big trip. I know this from my last overseas trip, where I injured myself 30 minutes before leaving for the airport. My Dad and I were playing tennis (Wii tennis) and he took a huge swing, hitting me right in my elbow with the remote. I had to decide right then whether I thought I needed to drive to the hospital, or whether I could travel for the next 30 hours, from Jakarta to KL, with a 3 hour layover before Paris. I decided that I could survive the plane, that it didn’t appear broken, and if it hurt in the next 30 hours, I would go to the American Hospital upon landing in Paris. Luckily, it was just a bruise.

However now, I injured myself 2 weeks before El and I leave. I didn’t think it was a big deal – my knee hurt – so what. I did Bikram Yoga on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then a 30 minute run around Hagley Park (around 7km) on Thursday. However, stubborn as I am, I listened to my partner and went to the Doctor. Turned out, I may have torn my medial meniscus – and needed an ultrasound and x-ray to determine whether I needed to cancel my trip. This was serious. I was also told not to run at all, and to rest it. So I gave in and rested. However it didn’t work, and my knee got worse. Doctor visit round 2 = I have patellofemoral syndrome. Basically “runner’s knee” where the knee bone is no longer in alignment. However, it isn’t serious (apparently), and my trip needn’t be cancelled. One, because I now am the owner of a sexy sexy knee brace to wear every day. And two, because if my knee gets worse, I will be in America in 3 months, and I can have surgery there. I just have to survive the next three months. And three, my father being as concerned and worried as he is, and wanting a second opinion, has booked me in for an MRI whilst in Jakarta for 3 days – just to make sure that we know exactly what is wrong. So yes, while we are off shopping at Pondok Indah Mall, I will just pop across the road for an hour to have an MRI scan!!

Besides my injury, things are on track. 4 days to go. My 3 page to do list is now down to 3 items. And I packed my bag just to see what I could fit – not a lot. My 10 dresses are now 5. And my shoes are still 6, but may need to cut back shoes to around 4. I also bought a beautiful digital SLR camera (Nikon D5100) that I have been playing around with – now that I can’t run for the next 6 weeks, I have taken to walking and trying out all the cool functions on the camera, and figuring out the manual settings so that I will be a pro by the time we are in Asia. So, to make me feel better, and to remind me of how beautiful Chch is once I have left, below are some photos I took. I like to think of it as rehab, for my knee and for my soul (broken by the fact that I can’t do exercise).

Andy’s gorgeous puppy dogs:

Hagley Park:

(first using a distortion setting, and the last using a color isolation setting to only pick up the brown/red color of the leaves)


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